Конкурс перевода стихов

Кафедра иностранных языков приглашает всех принять участие в конкурсе перевода стихов с английского языка на русский язык и в конкурсе на лучшую рождественскую открытку.
Стихи в электронном виде можно взять на кафедре ИТАП 616 аудитория.
С вопросами обращаться к преподавателям иностранного языка Кучиной Елене Борисовне, Никитиной Наталье Ивановне, Фотиной Оксане Владимировне.
Срок сдачи до 18 декабря 2011 года включительно.

The Old Year
John Clare

The Old Year's gone away
To nothingness and night:
We cannot find him all the day
Nor hear him in the night:
He left no footstep, mark or place
In either shade or sun:
The last year he'd a neighbour's face,
In this he's known as none.

All nothing everywhere:
Mists we on mornings see
Have more substance when they're here
And more of form than he.
He was a friend by every fire,
In every cot and hall — A guest to every heart's desire,
And now he's nought at all.

Old papers thrown away,
Old garments cast aside,
The talk of yesterday,
All things identified;
But times once torn away
No voices can recall:
The eve of New Year's Day
Left the Old Year lost to all.

It's Christmas Time Again
Bob Lazzar-Atwood

Put your problems on probation
Run your troubles off the track,
Throw your worries out the window
Get the monkeys off your back.
Silence all your inner critics
With your conscience make amends,
And allow yourself some happiness
It’s Christmas time again!

Call a truce with those who bother you
Let all the fighting cease,
Give your differences a breather
And declare a time of peace,
Don’t let angry feelings taint
The precious time you have to spend,
And allow yourself some happiness
It’s Christmas time again!

Like some cool refreshing water
Or a gentle summer breeze,
Like a fresh bouquet of flowers
Or the smell of autumn leaves,
It’s a banquet for the spirit
Filled with family, food and friends,
So allow yourself some happiness
It’s Christmas time again!

Я так понял эти стихи нужно перевести, но лучше уточнить у преподавателей.

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